House/pet sitting x 2

Just for something different, I ended up with 2 pet sitting opportunities at the same time. One included house sitting, along with the pets (big Toby and his buddy, pretty little Mocha) and the other was coming and going twice a day to spend some time with beautiful Finnegan.

The first couple of days, it was Toby & Mocha, so I did my regular volunteer days at the zoo, but once Finnegan’s days started, I didn’t feel I had enough time to volunteer at the zoo and properly look after pets and houses in 2 locations.

I worked out a good schedule by walking Toby first thing in the morning and returning back to feed him and Mocha and then heading over to Finnegan to feed and talk to her for an hour or 2. Finnegan talks back, so we really did have conversations. This was repeated in the late afternoon. Amazingly enough, I managed a few photos. πŸ™‚

You can click on one and then scroll through the full photos, since they are automatically cropped to fit.

It was tough picking which critter to be the featured image at the top, but since it is Mocha’s first time here, she won.

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        1. When I was a child, cats were around, but didn’t take part in the family like dogs do. I always had dogs, but my daughter wanted cats – so we had both. A couple of them were very friendly and interactive with both me and my dogs and I got along with them fine. I just enjoyed going outside on walks with the dogs and/or playing with them – over having a cat sit on my knee. I do think I am enjoying them more now though. πŸ™‚

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  1. I am beginning a house/pet sitting biz. And I am not sure what I should charge for 1 pet and house sitting per day. Any chance you could assist/guide me with this fb message me sandylane812@yahoo. please and Thank you

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  2. Hi Sandra – I don’t run a business, and I don’t have set fees. I let everyone set their own fees & as long as it is enough to cover my expenses and give me some extra, I am happy. I do it for the love of critters, as I live in a no-pet apartment. If I were you, I would contact one of the pet-sitting businesses for advice.


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