Two Stops in One

This morning I headed for Bunn’s Creek to see if I could bet a better photo of a Cardinal. I didn’t see or hear a Cardinal at all though, so after a quick shot of a Muskrat in the creek and a few photos of a White-breasted Nuthatch, I decided to cross the Red River and stop at Kildonan Park.

I started out at the Witches Hut where there are always plenty of birds – especially ducks (of course). After a few photos there, I walked over to the pond and took more photos.

The male Wood Duck is so gorgeous – but as I snapped the next photo, he shook his head and body (just like a dog does) – giving him such a different look. I also snapped another one right after to show how nicely his feathers went back into place.

I walked back towards my car and stopped for one more photo showing the witches hut and the ducks in the water. The witches hut is on the left of the photo. The hut is still closed due to COVID.

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