Setting Up an Aquarium

It has been a few years since I have had any pets and even more years since I’ve had an aquarium. For a few years I had several aquariums going at a time with different fish or critters in them.

It is hard to find apartments that allow any pets around here unless you can afford to pay more rent than I can. At least this one told me that I could have fish – so now I do.

Of course, with going that long without fish, I had absolutely no equipment to keep them, so for the last few weeks, I have been slowly gathering supplies.

First to arrive was a 5 gallon aquarium. It came with fish food, a filter and some water conditioner. I soon had that set up and after a few days, I purchased a couple of moss balls, a heater and siphon. I also used some markers to make a colourful background.

After a few more days, I picked up 3 little female Guppies.

The Guppies had the tank to themselves for 3 or 4 days and then I went looking for a Betta.

This morning after a quick trip to my car dealership/repair shop to get them to fix the oil indicator, I stopped and found my little Betta boy.

I have the aquarium set up on a little side table close to one of my recliners where I can sit and watch them and/or watch TV.

I think I need names for these fish. At first I was thinking that the Guppies would be Orange, Black & Yellow and maybe Blue for the Betta. Then I thought maybe Eenie, Meenie Minie for the Guppies and Moe for the Betta.

I’d love suggestions. πŸ™‚

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  1. Eenie, Meenie Minie rhymes well😊 it is wonderful of you to share this experience. Thanks!!! Enjoy your new aquarium set-up!

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