Let’s Walk along a Dyke

While I was walking around the Great Blue Heron Reserve, I talked to a few people (like I often do) and one lady asked if I had walked along the dyke, which is just off the parking lot for the reserve. I hadn’t walked along this dyke – not at this location anyway. The dykes are quite long. So, instead of getting into my car and driving off, I walked through the parking lot and onto the dyke. Because of the possibility of flooding due to high water – especially during the spring, these dykes are situated near water or at least in between the water and people’s homes. From inside the reserve, I have also seen several people walking along the dyke.

This beautiful horse was my first sighting. Actually, I see him almost every time I come and go from the Heron Reserve. This time I was walking though and had time to take some photos without getting in anyone’s way.
This isn’t a great photo, but it is funny. One gosling is in front of mom (who has her head under water). So, it looks like mom has a gosling neck & head.

Mom & Dad Canada Goose with the Goslings. There are 5 of them, but here you can see 3 & 4

You can see all 5 of them in these two photos 🙂

The same as the photos from yesterday, the green is mostly from the reflection of the leaves. There may be some algae in this water too.

A very handsome Wood Duck. These are one of my favourite ducks.

So many beautiful wildflowers!

As I was walking along the dyke, I started to notice that some of the farmlands ahead on the opposite side of the water looked familiar. When I got to here, I knew exactly where I was, since it was one of the places that I had to turn back to figure out where I was while walking the Vedder Trail. I was lost a few times on that trail and this was one of them. There was that huge pile of dirt and the trail just seemed to end. It would be easy for me to do the trail now because I know exactly where to go when the trail disappears. But for now, I just walked back to the reserve on the trail instead of the dyke.

Another very handsome Wood Duck.

Just a couple of views from along the trail back to the Heron Reserve, where I can retrieve my car and head for home.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Walk along a Dyke

  1. All done with Kilimanjaro. Any thoughts on a good next trail? My knees hurt thinking about poor Marymac’s upcoming procedure. Hope you are well! The wood ducks seem to be giving you the evil eye. Or maybe that’s just how they see everyone? Continued happy trails! Cheers, Stumblebum

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ryan didn’t actually walk Tanzania – but we can still walk it virtually. This is one way he can keep new ones coming faster than he can walk them – so hope it works.


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