Morning Stroll at Fort Whyte Alive

Living in the middle of a city, I have found that I need to spend time in nature as often as I can. Listening to critter sounds is what I need, instead of traffic or people yelling or sirens. I like to just stroll along casually, listening to or watching the birds and any other… Continue reading Morning Stroll at Fort Whyte Alive

Riding Mountain National Park in Early Fall – day 3, part 3

We were still in the Bison Enclosure and had just left the White-tail Deer in the last post, and I was continuing along on the one way road towards the exit.  This road has lots of curves, especially once you get into the bush and it is quite a narrow road (which is why it… Continue reading Riding Mountain National Park in Early Fall – day 3, part 3

Spring at Riding Mountain National Park

I have been wanting to head north the Riding Mountain National Park, since it is now Spring and the bears are coming out of hibernation, plus there may be some babies showing up already – so I made arrangements and headed there on Wednesday morning. It was a beautiful morning and I found photo opportunities… Continue reading Spring at Riding Mountain National Park

Riding Mountain National Park Oct 17 continued

I arrived in Riding Mountain National Park in the morning, after exploring I went to Dauphin for lunch and to get checked into my motel room.  Now, it is time to head back into the park.  I will be visiting many of the same spots and maybe even taking the same pictures – but there… Continue reading Riding Mountain National Park Oct 17 continued

A Walk in the Park

On the way to visit my Mom in the hospital the other day, I decided to park my car in Assiniboine Park and walk from there, with my trusty little camera in my hand.  This is the same park as the English Gardens – just a different area of it. A nice leaf covered path… Continue reading A Walk in the Park

A Breath of Fresh Air

We are in the midst of some very hot weather this week, but thankfully, it cools down beautifully at night.  The early mornings are gorgeous. Due to the heat, most people have their air conditioners going full blast and last night we had 4 power outages – one after the other.  Things would be coming… Continue reading A Breath of Fresh Air

Fort Whyte Alive – October

It was a beautiful day at Fort Whyte Alive!  I was so happy that I decided to be dropped off there while they worked on my car.  It was a little chilly in the morning, but by afternoon it was very pleasant. I normally spend about 2 1/2 to 3 hours there, but today I… Continue reading Fort Whyte Alive – October

St. Vital Park

I have lived fairly close to St. Vital Park for about 1/2 my life, but it is not a place that I ever go unless someone has scheduled an activity there (which doesn’t often happen).  I think I was at a toboggan party there many years ago and a picnic put on by one of… Continue reading St. Vital Park

Wood Duck

The Wood Ducks are back – the Wood Ducks are back.  🙂 They are such beautiful ducks.  I hope they will be nesting around my shoreline again. The female was very shy and although I got glimpses of her, she didn’t show herself enough for a good picture.  I’m sure glad the very handsome male… Continue reading Wood Duck

Wood Duck and Ducklings

Chester and I were walking along the Red River as usual on our morning walk.  I didn’t see anything around, but then the female Wood Duck came flying in from behind us and landed by the logs were I have found bumps before.  🙂 I stopped and turned the camera on to get a picture… Continue reading Wood Duck and Ducklings