Walking & Photography

Some people like to sit in nature and take photos of whatever comes along. I prefer to walk and take photos of whatever I come across. Both methods work, but I love walking (which is also a healthy thing to do). My camera is always in my hands – usually around my neck also. When I see something interesting, the camera is easy to grab and snap. I wear a FitBit, which keeps track of the steps I take and the distance I walk. I combine that with another site that takes those steps and lets me virtually walk anywhere in the world. Right now I am virtually walking in Tanzania. The website is Walking4Fun if you want to check it out. This is a one man site and Ryan actually walks the trails and take photos along the way. When he finishes a trail, he get the photos set up where they belong on the trail and adds some interesting comments along the way. There is no charge to use the website unless you want to purchase a premium membership, which does have a few premium trails to walk. I find premium is well worth it, but you can stay on the free walks for as long as you want.

Anyway – between rainy days, I have managed a few walks with my camera.

We will start with the gorgeous Wood Duck (one of my favourites – but don’t tell anyone)

Lots of Turtles in the pond. Western Painted Turtles are natural to this area, but there are also Red Eared Sliders that have been introduced into the area. As often happens, introduced creatures often thrive and take over the area.

There were 3 female Mallard Ducks with lots of ducklings on this day. It is hard to resist snapping photos of the adorable babies.

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