A Short Stay with Daisy

Daisy’s family were just going to be away for a little over 24 hours, but she couldn’t go with them, so I was asked to come and stay with her. Of course, I was happy to spend time with adorable Daisy! She greeted me with a lot of excitement when I arrived, which surprised me because I hadn’t seen her for awhile – but she obviously remembered me.

Daisy is such a sweet dog. She has 3 beds to use at any time. If the family (or for sure if I) am in the living room, she will lay on one of the 2 beds in the living room. The pink one is a beanbag bed and adjusts to wrap around her body. At bedtime, she will move to the bed in the bedroom.

We went for a fairly short walk almost as soon as I arrived. It was going to be a very hot day and after that she just went out into the fenced in back yard to wander and do her business. She didn’t stay out for long each time though.

The tile floor was a littler cooler than other spots in the house, so Daisy often lay down right on the tiles. She could keep her eye on me while doing so.

I am not sure what she is trying to tell me here.

The next morning, we went for a long walk as it was fairly cool and more comfortable outside. I didn’t take any photos on our walk though.

Once home & there got to be some shade on the deck, Daisy and I went outside for a little while.

She had to sniff to check everything out.
She is just so cute!

We didn’t stay outside for long due to the heat and the fact that Daisy wanted to spend time in the sun more than the shade – so I had to convince her to come back inside where the fans made the temperature more comfortable.

It was soon time for me to pack up and head over to spend time with my daughter who lived fairly close to Daisy’s home. We went out to have her birthday dinner and do a little shopping before I had to drive back home to Chilliwack.

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