Had to Drive to Cheam Wetlands

Finally the sun decided to get out from behind the clouds to show the beautiful blue sky. The Wetlands at Cheam really glow in the sunlight, so I headed there to see what I could find.

The photos are often cropped to fit, but by clicking on any picture it will show the entire scene.

First sighting was this pair of Canada Geese and their single Gosling. It is a fairly large Gosling, so I hope it survives.

At times like this, I wonder why it took me so long to move to this province. It is just so amazingly beautiful wherever I look!

This absolutely adorable and very tiny bunny stopped to pose for photos. He (or she) was maybe 3inches long (about the size of a tennis ball) and must have just left the nest. I took these 2 quick photos and walked away. I stayed back & used my zoom for the photos, but he was right beside the path.

Two Swallows at the nest box and one resting on a railing. I don’t know what kind of Swallows they are, but they look different from the ones in Manitoba. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

More Canada Geese and Goslings

This Mallard Duck has at least 9 ducklings with her & there may be 10. They are certainly adorable!

More Canada Geese with Goslings and a Robin with a mouthful of worms.

9 thoughts on “Had to Drive to Cheam Wetlands

  1. It’s a vicious cycle! The more interesting places you find, the more you will visit. The more you visit, the more you will walk. The more you walk, the more steps you will get in. More steps you get in the greater the distance you will cover. The greater the distance you cover, the more dust I choke on when you pass me on the trail!

    Glad you are enjoying yourself in your new digs, hope you are getting just the right amount of rain. Unlike Alberta. Unfortunate. Best to all! Cheers, Tim George AKA Stumblebum

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    1. LOL – very interesting – now it all makes sense. I do love walking anyway, but Walking4Fun just makes everything a little more interesting. I followed you for most of the last trail, so its kind of nice that we were playing leap frog on Kilimanjaro.


          1. I’m so glad you mentioned that. I was walking Camino Frances for the second time when I left in April for Kilimanjaro, returned to the Camino, got bored and returned for a second run at Kilimanjaro. I knew he took a Safari and was going to post it and I checked regularly but haven’t checked in some time. Yes! I’ll be there! I’ll go there tomorrow without finishing Kilimanjaro the second time. See you there!

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            1. Ryan didn’t walk Tanzania – this is his first completely virtual walk. But I’m looking forward to checking it out as I’m sure he will have appropriate comments along the way.


            2. I read about it under the trail explanations. Of course he was driven because you can’t be on a walking safari. Four days of driving.

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