Return to Canadian Museum for Human Rights

It has been extremely cold here and I don’t have any incentive to walk outside, so I decided that a return visit to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights would provide lots of walking space as well as a place for me to absorb more of the stories there.

One of the nice perks of a membership at the museum is that 3 hours of parking at the Forks is covered when I am there. This time I checked my coat, since I knew I’d be doing a lot of walking.

One exhibit I wanted to show you last time was the Honorary Canadian Citizens. I had only taken pictures of the ones that I had heard of before, but knew it wouldn’t be right not to show all of them. So I took their pictures along with the information on each of them.

Unfortunately the last explanation doesn’t fit in the box, so it is hard to read, but if you click on it, you should see the full explanation as to why her photo was dimmed and her honorary Canadian citizenship was revoked.

This exhibit was the main one I wanted to see today, but I stopped at several different exhibits that I hadn’t noticed before. I wasn’t focused on taking photos so I could actually absorb what I was seeing. Here are a couple more.

Unfortunately, the reflections on one of the explanations makes it difficult to read, but it is larger if you click on it and hopefully easier to read.

I stopped and played a game that was explained to me as I continued on my way. One of the staff members talked me into trying it and although it is really for children or teens and it is even better with others playing at the same time, it was amazing to go through it. At this point I am planning a visit to sit and watch the many videos that are available and listen to some of the audio stories as well as take in more of the games.

I continued up and got some more views from the tower and then started walking down again, stopping at the relaxation spot.

I’ll be back

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    1. Hi Sue – until I went to the museum, I didn’t even know that we had honorary Canadian citizens. I also am not aware of the exact requirements or conditions of this citizenship. I would have to research before coming up with an opinion.

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