A Morning at Lockport

I decided to head north to Lockport to see if any Pelicans were still hanging out there. It was a beautiful morning and I enjoyed the drive. When I reached Lockport, I headed for the little park where I can usually get some decent photos, but the bridge construction has pretty much blocked off the parking lot. I didn’t drive right up to it to see if I could have driven in & parked (which I maybe should have done), but the line to get over the one lane bridge just started to move and I crossed the river instead. I walked along the river in the little park across from Skinners and got a few photos – but no sign of Pelicans.

On of the things I thought about before heading to Lockport was that I wanted to get a Skinner’s foot-long hotdog and fries. It was getting close to noon, so after the Cormorants, I headed there for lunch. I picked it up and headed back to a bench in the park to eat. I was joined by a young Ring-billed Gull, who thought I might share. I didn’t have anything healthy to share though and I wasn’t going to share my unhealthy food – so he got nothing. He has a long flight ahead of him and needs the healthy food to make it.

I decided to take the River Road back towards home and avoid the bridge construction. I should have photos from the drive to show you soon.