Along River Road

It is always a beautiful drive along River Road and as the name suggests, it does follow the Red River all the way. In contrast, we also have a River Road in Winnipeg, where you never actually see the river although it is quite close to the Assiniboine River. The only stop I made was Captain Kennedy House & Gardens. I was so happy to see that the flowers were still in bloom.

There was someone working in the garden (as usual) who was cutting back the perennials that were finished for the season – but flowers were still everywhere.

Unfortunately, the building is still closed. It requires the repair of structural problems and there is no indication when (or if) the work will be done. It would be a shame to let it just fall down as it is the last of the historical stone buildings built from stones quarried from the Red River in 1866. It is a provincially-designated historic site and has been closed since 2015. I am still hoping that it can be restored.

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