Another Wander at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

I love Great Blue Herons, but there are so many more birds and critters there that I also love. There are also many more places on my list that I will have to get to as well. Along with the birds and critters, there are amazing views almost everywhere I look. But, for now it… Continue reading Another Wander at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

Great Blue Herons are Nesting

I am thrilled to be able to watch all these amazing Great Blue Herons in the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve near my home. Back in Manitoba, I was lucky to see one or sometimes two when I was in Riding Mountain National Park. I usually headed up there 2 – 3 times a year… Continue reading Great Blue Herons are Nesting

Continuing on the Vedder Rotary Trail – part 1

Today’s plan was to reach the bridge on the trail and cross the river to the other side. Next time I will park at the bridge and continue. I believe that this will be the 1/2 way mark – but I could be wrong – LOL I am starting in the Great Blue Heron Nature… Continue reading Continuing on the Vedder Rotary Trail – part 1

Views on a Sunny Day – part 2

After returning to the parking lot area, I decided to walk to the trail that goes over the water and gives views from the bridges and the overlook area. Canada Geese

Visitor Outside My Window & Another Walk

I had no idea that I would be seeing a Hummingbird at the end of November – but it seems the Anna’s Hummingbird actually stays here all winter. Until this year, I have always lived in Winnipeg (aka Winterpeg). In July of this year, I moved west to Chilliwack, British Columbia and I knew winters… Continue reading Visitor Outside My Window & Another Walk

From Cloudy & Smoky to Clear & Cool

The last week or so, it has been very smoky here. I know this is fairly normal, and even though this is my first year here, I know the dry season lasted later than usual. Because it is so dry, there have been fires in the forests and the smoke had blocked my view of… Continue reading From Cloudy & Smoky to Clear & Cool

Did Someone Ask for Canada Geese?

I didn’t ask for Canada Geese, but I certainly enjoy watching them gather. I’ll be sorry to see them head south, but will be here to watch them when they return in the spring. I managed to get a few photos other than Canada Geese – Mallard Ducks, Grey Squirrel and a scenery shot –… Continue reading Did Someone Ask for Canada Geese?

Just a Few Canada Geese

Canada Geese (& a few Snow Geese and ducks) have begun to gather where they can discuss their summer with friends & relatives before heading south for the winter. I was told by one of the regular walkers here that the numbers will increase to thousands (instead of just a few hundred) before they move… Continue reading Just a Few Canada Geese

Beautiful Day for a Walk

It was such a beautiful morning that I decided to head over to the Vedder River trail to walk. I usually avoid weekend walking since the trails can be busy, but thought I would go anyway. The fisher men & women were sure out in full force. As usual, I talked to a few people… Continue reading Beautiful Day for a Walk

A Morning at Lockport

I decided to head north to Lockport to see if any Pelicans were still hanging out there. It was a beautiful morning and I enjoyed the drive. When I reached Lockport, I headed for the little park where I can usually get some decent photos, but the bridge construction has pretty much blocked off the… Continue reading A Morning at Lockport