Taking Advantage of an Unusually Mild November Day

Occasionally we have some above 0C temperatures in November, but usually by now, the days are mostly below 0C. So, with a predicted high of plus 9, I knew I would be out walking a trail or 2 in Bird’s Hill Provincial Park. The next 2 days are predicted to be even a little bit… Continue reading Taking Advantage of an Unusually Mild November Day

From my Window

Last night, I noticed that the condos next door have Christmas lights on their trees  – so I took a picture.  I have to work on night pictures obviously, but here it is. This morning, I was looking at the dark clouds (our break from winter will soon be over), so I took cloud pictures.… Continue reading From my Window

Leaves, Leaves Everywhere

The leaves are coming down and covering the ground.  Every morning I have to clear them off my car before driving (if I want to see where I’m going).  Of course, there are still 3 million leaves on my trees in the yard.  I don’t think 1/2 have fallen yet. Some Geese flew by when… Continue reading Leaves, Leaves Everywhere

October 9th

Finally, in October – we get some beautiful weather.   I am just taking a break from yard work to get some pictures up here.   I have been taking pictures, but just not getting around to posting anything here for several days. I don’t really have too much to say.  Chester, Jewel and I are doing… Continue reading October 9th