Oak Hammock Marsh on a Cool & Windy Day

I haven’t been to Oak Hammock Marsh in many years.  The last few times were only because the parrot club was having a display there and as a member, I would take some of my birds out to take part.  The club still has displays there, but I haven’t had any birds for several years… Continue reading Oak Hammock Marsh on a Cool & Windy Day

The Bunnies and The Bird

As usual, there are plenty of bunnies around and Chester enjoys searching for and stalking them while on our walks to and along the Red River.  Often the bunny stares right back at him, I’m sure thinking that he hasn’t been seen.  This pose is held by both of them for quite awhile until I… Continue reading The Bunnies and The Bird

Red River Rising 2013

With the snow melting so quickly, the Red River is also rising quite quickly now.  I sawthe first report of a road closed due to flooding in the Province this morning.  There may have been other reports, but the only news I see is often on Face Book or from sources in South Africa. To… Continue reading Red River Rising 2013