A Morning Walk at Bunn’s Creek

It was a cloudy/dull morning – not a great type of day for photo taking – but I headed to Bunn’s Creek in my never-ending search for the Cardinals that are often seen there. Not seen by me – but by many others.

A few months ago, I met a woman who showed me the area where she normally sees them – but none were around there that day or any other day when I’ve been there. Just as I reached that area today, I met 2 women who asked me if I was looking for Cardinals. I think one of them was the same woman I talked to before, but the other one said follow me and she lead me a little further on. She pointed out one and I started snapping. This one was a male and then on another tree nearby, there was a female.

In the 2 photos above, I am trying to show the distance between the water and the ice, which shows how much the creek has dropped from when it iced up. In the first one you can see the grasses – but where they have the green background – they are underwater and that is the reflection from the grass above the water – and with the black background, they are above the water, but under the ice. So, this indicates that the water has dropped by about 8-10 inches (I didn’t measure). This is spring, when we usually have flooding – but it is very dry. We really need rain and lots of it in the next few weeks. The 2nd photo also shows the black under the ice and above the water.

Another highlight for me was my first Robin of the year – well, the first sighting for me anyway.

I thought I would also show you the trail that I walk on while at Bunn’s Creek.

When I arrived, I parked in the parking lot at the Park – #3 on the map. I first followed the creek off to the right and turned around at the first street crossing. Then I went all the way to the Red River and then back to the park where I continued further to the right again before turning back and heading to the parking lot.