A Morning at Oak Hammock Marsh

Although we really do need rain here, I am quite willing to wander trails when It is warm & dry – so on this warm and dry day, I headed out to Oak Hammock Marsh for a walk.

First stop was the parking lot at the main entrance where you can access the trails around the marsh without having to pay admission or have a membership. Membership or a drop-in fee is required if you want to visit the exhibits inside or explore the area just outside the back entrance. I do enjoy that area out the back where they have docks and a blind out in the water for watching the birds. I’m thinking I will get another membership on my next trip out there.

First birds were the Kildeers in the parking lot, followed by Swans, Canada Geese and more.

The birds after the marsh walk were around to the back of the property, where there is a road to drive into a small parking lot and walk in to more marsh areas.

On the way out, I met a woman who was walking in with 2 dogs – one was not on leash, but she may have seen me before I saw her and quickly put one on leash. She did get the other one on leash before we got close though. As always, I said hello to the woman and then hi to the dogs. Some dogs ignore me and that doesn’t worry me – but both of these dogs reacted with snarls and barks. She said that they are afraid of strangers. It kind of worries me that she lets them off leash where other people (strangers to her dogs) might be in danger of an attack.