A Short Stroll before Vaccine Time

My COVID vaccine appointment is for the afternoon today, but I still need some time to walk (instead of sitting around on the computer at home) – so I went to Assiniboine Park to check out the English Garden and to see if I can find the Pileated Woodpecker again.

No luck on finding the woodpecker, but I zoomed in on the hole he had been drilling and then lightened it when I got home so I could see inside.

It is amazing what a determined woodpecker can do. I don’t know if they are using this hole or not though.

I was excited to see signs of spring growth in the gardens.

The most abundant birds in the gardens were Dark-eyed Juncos, but they were very camera shy this morning. I headed over to the pond in the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden and found a pair of Mallard Ducks – they even posed in front of one of the sculptures for me. 🙂

Then, I headed out into the park to walk around the duck pond, which had been a skating rink all winter. There is still lots of ice on it, as I’m sure the ice was very thick for the rink. It is beginning to break up though.

Next part of the walk was going around the outside of the English Garden on my way back to the car. I found a Red Squirrel that appeared to be sleeping on a branch, but when looking at the photo, I’m thinking he may not be healthy.

My last photo is a pair of Canada Geese on the far side of the river. They seem to be scouting out the perfect spot for their nest.

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