English Garden/Leo Mol in Assiniboine Park

The last few weeks, people have been posting pictures in a Manitoba Bird page on FaceBook that I follow.  They indicate they are finding Indigo Buntings in the English Garden in Assiniboine Park.  I have never seen one of these birds and decided to head there with my camera and see if I could find… Continue reading English Garden/Leo Mol in Assiniboine Park

English Garden – Assiniboine Park

Every morning I head over to the hospital to visit with my mother who is recovering from her broken shoulder after a fall in August.  Today, my brother Doug and his wife Erin from B.C. were going to be visiting with her at lunch time and I decided I would return to have lunch with… Continue reading English Garden – Assiniboine Park

Winter at the English Garden & Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

I’ve gone through the English Gardens & Leo Mol Sculpture Garden at Assiniboine Park in the summer before, but this is my first time going in the winter.  There are no flowers (of course), but the sculptures are still here.  It was a beautiful morning to wander around a bit with a temperature of +3C… Continue reading Winter at the English Garden & Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

English Garden and Leo Mol Sculpture Garden – Assiniboine Park

The English Garden and the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden are beside the duck pond and the Park Cafe, which is inside the Qualico Family Centre at Assiniboine Park.


Everyone knows Tulips.  I was going to say knows and loves, but although most people love Tulips, I can’t say that everyone does.  I guess I really can’t even say that 100% of people even know Tulips.  🙂 Tulips come in many different colours and types.  Just in my yard I have 3 completely different… Continue reading Tulips


Another spring flower that I do not have in my yard is the pretty Daffodil. I was back at the English Garden in Assiniboine Park to take pictures of some of the ones there. This familiar yellow is what is mostly seen and what most people think of when they hear Daffodil – but they… Continue reading Daffodils

Bleeding Heart

The Bleeding Heart is one of the spring perennial flowering plants.  I tried growing it several years ago and it came up for 2 or 3 years and then disappeared forever.  I do love seeing the flowers, but haven’t tried it again. I took these pictures at the English Garden at Assiniboine Park Zoo this… Continue reading Bleeding Heart