Assiniboine Park and Zoo

Many years ago – when I was a child – one of the highlights of going to the zoo was for an exhibit called Aunt Sally’s Farm. Back then the zoo was free to visit. When I say many years ago, it really was. I just had my 70th birthday today and I haven’t been… Continue reading Assiniboine Park and Zoo

Walking Around Assiniboine Park

I am so sad that the Assiniboine Park Zoo is still closed, but happy that the rest of the park is open and the trails are kept in good condition. I parked at the East Gate and headed into the park this morning. It is amazing to have temperatures so close to 0C in December… Continue reading Walking Around Assiniboine Park

Looking for Hummingbirds

I haven’t been to the English Gardens looking for Hummingbirds for awhile – and the last time I went to the Gardens was a chilly morning, so they weren’t active yet. Today, I went in the afternoon when it was nice & warm. Unfortunately, they were too fast this time – LOL – but I… Continue reading Looking for Hummingbirds

Assiniboine Park

A few days ago, I decided to head to Assiniboine Park and specifically to the English Garden/Leo Mol Sculpture Garden in the hope of finding Hummingbirds and/or Indigo Buntings. I did manage a few photos, but did not see any Hummingbirds or Buntings. A couple of days earlier I had seen the elusive Indigo Bunting… Continue reading Assiniboine Park

Winter at the English Garden & Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

I’ve gone through the English Gardens & Leo Mol Sculpture Garden at Assiniboine Park in the summer before, but this is my first time going in the winter.  There are no flowers (of course), but the sculptures are still here.  It was a beautiful morning to wander around a bit with a temperature of +3C… Continue reading Winter at the English Garden & Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

English Garden and Leo Mol Sculpture Garden – Assiniboine Park

The English Garden and the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden are beside the duck pond and the Park Cafe, which is inside the Qualico Family Centre at Assiniboine Park.

Norwood Bridge Sculpture

The Norwood Bridge is the first of two bridges that take you from St. Marys Road in St. Boniface into downtown Winnipeg.  After the Norwood Bridge, which goes over the Red River  is a short stretch of land where the street becomes Queen Elizabeth Way and then onto the Main Street Bridge to take you… Continue reading Norwood Bridge Sculpture


Its funny – I worked downtown and very close to the Legislative Building for many years.  There is (or at least was) a cafeteria in there and I went there for lunches sometimes, but I never really looked at the building. I drove there to take pictures of the Golden Boy and then started seeing… Continue reading Sculptures

Queen Victoria

As I mentioned yesterday, I said I would show you more of the Queen Victoria sculpture on the Legislative grounds in Winnipeg.  The picture I put in yesterday’s post didn’t really show the sculpture, since it was taken at a distance and pretty much looking towards the sun.   I zoomed in for some better pictures,… Continue reading Queen Victoria

Golden Boy

I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  We have a few attractions here and I thought I might spend a couple of posts showing you around so you can see a little of what I see every day. We have a Golden Boy on top of the Provincial Government Legislative Building.  He has been up there… Continue reading Golden Boy