Assiniboine Park and Zoo

Many years ago – when I was a child – one of the highlights of going to the zoo was for an exhibit called Aunt Sally’s Farm. Back then the zoo was free to visit. When I say many years ago, it really was. I just had my 70th birthday today and I haven’t been a child for a few years now.

Well – Aunt Sally’s Farm is coming back – but it is very different from the old farm. It is not a petting zoo, but is interactive. I was at a preview for staff and volunteers only, this afternoon and it is going to be open for members only for the next few days. On March 25th, it will be open for anyone with paid admission also.

Before going to the zoo for the preview, I wandered around in the English Garden/Leo Mol Sculpture Garden and parts of Assiniboine Park and took a few photos.

Then it was time to head for the Zoo and Aunt Sally’s Farm.

To be continued.