Quiet Morning Walk

Although I often show pictures of this walk along the Seine River, I do walk if very often without my camera.  I decided to bring the camera on a snowy morning walk this morning. I haven’t seen any of the White-tail Deer that I watched all summer long and decided to see if I could… Continue reading Quiet Morning Walk

Word Cloud – Pets

I found a free site that makes word clouds out of the words you choose.  You can pick the colours and sizes  of the words and the shape of the cloud.  There are some limitations on the free clouds and you can choose to pay to remove the limitations – I like this free one… Continue reading Word Cloud – Pets

Red River Mutual Trail – part 2

A few days ago I showed you some pictures of the Red River Mutual Trail that goes by near my home.  I said I would walk along that trail to get pictures of the warming huts and show them to you.  Yesterday I was planning on walking, but was undecided about whether to do that… Continue reading Red River Mutual Trail – part 2

Why Do You Write?

I read this question “Why Do You Write?” on a blog the other day along with her answer.  The blog ended with “Now it’s your turn. Tell me, “Why do you write?” I don’t write as often as I used to write – but I do still enjoy putting my words down for others to… Continue reading Why Do You Write?

The Big 5 Personality Test

I received this letter from a young man who needs participants to answer a personality test for his studies.  Please take a look at it and if possible help him out with the anonymous personality quiz. “My name is Austin Gardner. I am a Junior in High School and for the past three years I… Continue reading The Big 5 Personality Test


I’ve got a little bit of progress here and a little bit of progress there. First – the job situation:  It looks like I will have 3 shifts at the Y each week.  The shifts are 4 hours each – so 12 hours per week.  I also have 3 shifts at Comforts of Home each… Continue reading Progress