More About the Move & Another Walk or Two

One thing about a long distance move is that it takes much longer for your furniture to reach the destination than it takes to actually get there yourself. I knew this, but I had a carload of my own items and did not want to take my time so I divided my drives into 4 days/nights to reach my new home as quickly as possible.

I had a chair that I bought to sit on the balcony back in Winnipeg, so I had that with me, but I didn’t have a bed and this chair did not recline, so I headed over to WalMart to see if I could find a fold up chair that would recline so I didn’t have to sleep on the floor. I found a zero gravity chair that was perfect – not as comfortable as my bed, but certainly better than the floor.

Almost 2 weeks after I arrived in Chilliwack, my furniture and boxes finally arrived. Just to make things more interesting, the one and only elevator in this building broke down after they had brought up one load. It is a small elevator, so it was a small load. They were unloading the truck in the basement of the building and bringing it all up to the 3rd floor using the stairs. On top of that it was right in the midst of a heatwave in a building without air conditioning.

It felt so good to be able to sleep in my bed again!

The heatwave is finally starting to go away and the temperature is working its way back to a much more normal seasonal feeling. I was out walking, exploring and taking photos almost every morning. I made sure I emptied at least one box each day and sometimes a few boxes. I still have a couple of boxes to go, but I know what is in them and don’t know where they are going to go, so I’ll have to figure that out soon – LOL.

Today I have an electrician coming due to a problem with one of the outlets in my suite. I haven’t used this outlet at all yet and had forgotten that the building manager told me about it before I arrived. Yesterday the lights in all the hallways were out and I wonder if my outlet was the cause of it. Maybe I’ll find out when he/she is here.

Anyway – back to my walks and photo taking excursions.

I headed over to Sardis Park/Pond again this day and took a few photos.

American Black Duck – but I have no idea why it is called a black duck.

The next morning I went looking for a different place to walk and the Vedder River Rotary Trail looked good. It is a dog friendly trail & I just may have talked to some dogs and managed a few petting sessions along the trail. I did not take photos of any of the people or dogs though.

Vedder River

At this trail, I finally managed to get a photo of a bird that is new to me. At Sardis, I could only get the usual crows, ducks, geese & turtles, but on this trail, I heard a bird but had no idea what it was until I returned home and checked out the photo on my bird app. This was confirmed by others on a birding site here as a Spotted Towhee.

He is in the shadows, so colours here don’t do it justice, but he is quite colourful with a red breast.

The trail went under this bridge or we could also climb the stairs up to the bridge. I went 1/2 way up and turned back to take a photo showing all the people fishing.

This is a beautiful place to walk. The trail is well maintained and the views are gorgeous. There are quite a few people and several dogs walking (all leashed and under control). I did see one person who caught a fish. It was a pretty big fish.