Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve & More

I decided it was time for me to check out the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve a couple of days ago. I found about about this reserve after I had seen the beautiful Heron in the Sardis Pond a few days earlier. My first stop though was Sardis Park & Pond, where I managed a few photos.

It looks like I found an Otter (or 2) in Sardis Pond.

These 2 did not make it easy to get photos, but as you can see here, there are 2 of them.
This one gave me the “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS” look!

On my first look around the pond, I had not seen any turtles or the duckling, but after leaving the Otters (as they requested) I did find the duckling 🙂 He has certainly grown too.

Then I decided it was time to head for the Heron Reserve. Of course, I have to rely on my trusty Google Maps app to actually get to any of the places I want to visit – so I told it I wanted this reserve and she directed me right to the door. It is a beautiful location, but this is not the right time of year to visit if wanting to see Herons. I did find one who did not cooperate with me for photos – but now I know to go back in the spring (which makes sense). I can also go back in the late summer/fall to watch Salmon spawning though, so I’ll probably be back again this year.

Nice shady paths to walk on.
Places to stop & relax

Finally a Great Blue Heron (hiding from me)

Just on the other side of the path from where the Heron was are spawning ecosystems & channels for Salmon & Sucker species.

Then I went back to the Heron – but still not a great photo. This is probably a young one who wasn’t quite ready to head off on his own, but might now have moved off anyway.

The volunteer centre was open and I stopped and chatted with one of the volunteers for awhile. She has a wealth of information to share and also provided me with a few pamphlets to read.