One Month

Today is exactly one month from the day I moved out of Winnipeg and out of Manitoba. I was heading west – all the way to the west coast, where I had rented an apartment in Chilliwack B.C. After owning my own home in Winnipeg for 33 years, I moved about every 2nd year to different apartment buildings in different areas of Winnipeg. My last apartment in Winnipeg was about as far west as I could get in Winnipeg, and although I did love the community, I did NOT love the winters. That last Manitoba winter was very cold & bitter with way too much snow.

I had a newer car (2017 Toyota Yaris) but had a lot of trouble trying to get it to start in the cold. I kept telling them that the problem has to be the block heater – but their solution was to sell me a new battery. Of course, the new battery did get the car going each day after that – but it also wears a new battery down when the block heater isn’t doing it’s job. I refused to go back to the dealership where I bought it after that and went to another one when I wanted to make sure the car was ready for a long distance drive. I didn’t discuss the block heater with them because winter was pretty much over by that time and since that would be my last Manitoba winter, I shouldn’t have to worry about it.

Then today, I got a call from the service department at the 2nd Toyota location. She advised me that there is a recall out on my block heater!!! I knew I was right – but amazingly enough, the service department at the dealership where I bought it have NOT let me know.

I haven’t been out taking photos lately, but I still have my beautiful mountain views and have zoomed in on some of them right from my balcony for something a bit different.

When zoomed in this much, the quality of the photo is not the same as if I had taken more mountain length with less zoom. I think the heat distorts the photos a bit too. It has been hot here!

The photo just above and below were just taken a minute ago, with some clouds hanging around the peaks.
The beautiful moon was outside my window a couple of nights ago.