Back for a Walk at Sardis Park/Pond

I am getting close to having my apartment somewhat organized. The problem is that the stuff that has not found a spot yet, doesn’t have much in the way of choices. So, there is one corner of the livingroom that is holding more items that it should.

But – this morning I needed a walk, so I headed back to Sardis Park to see what is happening there. I was hoping to find the little duckling.

Although I haven’t been here for several days, I decided not to open my Maps App to direct me as I usually do. After a few trips to WalMart since arriving here, I am now OK going there & home without the app, so I figured I would be fine going to Sardis Park/Pond.

I was ok, both coming and going. You won’t be getting the “I was lost story this time” 🙂

I saw the White Crow and I saw her feeding something to one of her pretty much grown up babies – but it was so fast, that I did not manage to get a photo.

Several flocks of Canada Geese were in and around the water – or just hanging out under a big shady tree.

There were also plenty of American Black Ducks.

This has to be the little duckling.
He (or she) is very tiny compared to the adult duck beside him, but he has made it this far, so hopefully will be ok. I don’t know if the turtle below is the same one the duckling was hanging out with before – but this was the only turtle I saw. When I first started walking here, there were a couple of dozen (or more) turtles.
Just as I was finishing my 3rd lap of the pond, this little bunny stopped to pose for a photo.

As usual, I managed to pet several dogs who were walking with their owners. Each time I talk to the people as well as talking to and petting the dogs.

2 thoughts on “Back for a Walk at Sardis Park/Pond

  1. It sounds like you are getting to know your new surroundings. You are a very talented photographer! Lovely photos of your walk. You, Stumblebum and IPA Ray are so far ahead of me on the CDT, but I enjoy that you wave back to me. However, this is the only way I can say “hi” to you. Hugs!


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