A Cloudy morning at Vedder River Trail

A cloudy day is not the best day for photos, but it is a great day to walk – especially when the temperatures are in the low 20’s compared to the 30’s of a few days ago. Of course, I took some photos anyway. I had a surprise when I saw a couple of critters that I don’t usually see on my walks. Good thing I managed a photo of them.

These were the surprise critters. I’m just used to people & dogs on the trails.
This time I am going under the bridge to walk a bit further this way.

Looking out from under the bridge. I didn’t see anyone fishing on this side of the bridge.

But there were sure lots of people fishing back where I started.

Still no one fishing on this side.
I wonder if the fish taste better on the other side of the road.
Maybe it is private property on this side of the bridge – there are buildings over there.
I took this last photo from on top of the bride over the river – still looking away from the people fishing.