Checking in on the Duckling at Sardis Pond

I have become a regular walker at Sardis Park/Pond. The little duckling and the turtle that I saw with it most of the time keep me coming back to check on them.

The sheer numbers of Canada Geese are overwhelming this park now though.

Count the Geese

There were also several American Black Ducks – but those numbers are just a fraction of the numbers of Canada Geese.

I don’t see the baby duck in this bunch
A few more Canada Geese to count
I like the way the Geese all moved to let the duck walk and swim out in between them.
A fuzzy-necked young Canada Goose with Mom!
I just kind of liked this almost dead tree in front of the weeping willows.
Checking the log where I often find the duckling & the turtle – but neither one was there.
I don’t think I’ve posted a photo from here with the mountains in the background before.
Another almost grown Gosling
Lots of ducks going for a walk
And here is the Gosling. I might not have noticed him except that he was walking in the group above. He was near the back of the flock and I only noticed him because he was smaller than the rest of them.

I’m so glad he is now hanging out with birds instead of the turtle – but I never did find the turtle, so I hope he is ok.

The first time I walked around this pond there were at least a couple of dozen turtles, although some people told me that there used to be many more not too long ago. They think the otters were catching them. I know the numbers were down on my next walk there and for the last few walks, there was just the one that I saw with the duckling. Apparently turtles are one of the otter’s favourite foods.

2 thoughts on “Checking in on the Duckling at Sardis Pond

  1. That is too bad about the turtles, but guess the otters have to survive, too. This is such a pretty place to get your steps for W4F. I liked the tree too. I have also taken photos of interesting trees on my walks. Happy trails, Mavis.


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