What’s the Chance that I Might Find another Great Blue Heron at the Reserve

I know the Great Blue Herons leave the reserve once the young ones are independent, but since there was one young one still hanging out there when I went a couple of weeks ago, maybe I’ll find another one. I still have several trails through there to explore anyway.

I did find a bird that I’d been hoping to photograph. A sweet little Black-capped Chickadee landed on a nearby twig and posed for one quick photo. I have heard some from my balcony, but have not been able to get one to perch long enough for a photo since I left Winnipeg.

This Black-capped Chickadee posed for just a couple of seconds.

I looked all around the area where I had seen the Great Blue Heron last time, but although I was sure I heard him just as I started my walk, I could not find him while looking through and around the large trees that were between the water and the trail. So, I continued my walk.

There was a little bridge on the trail, but I didn’t see any beavers.
This sign with photo was at the same bridge -just looking the other direction.
I managed to take my own photo on the bridge.
This would be a nice place to stop & sit.

When I came to a spot where the trail branched off in different directions, I decided it was time to retrace my steps to avoid getting lost in the maze. The more often I visit though, the better I will know the trails enough to just keep walking. When I got back to the parking lot, I decided to head a little past it towards a bridge that crosses over the water. Maybe I’ll see something interesting from the bridge.

I am sure this is a young male Wood Duck.
He is going to grow up to be a very beautiful guy

While standing on the bridge, I decided to zoom in on the area where I thought the Great Blue Heron was – and I found him. I actually didn’t know I found him until I got home and uploaded the photos to my pc though!