A Morning Walk at Bunn’s Creek Trail

I was hoping that the beautiful weather we have been having would mean that the ice should have melted on the trails and for most of it, there was no ice. Most of the trail was dry, but parts were quite wet. I did run into an icy area and decided to turn around at that point instead of taking my chances on ice.

I didn’t have much luck with the birds and of course the Cardinals must have heard that I was coming and they disappeared completely.

The only birds I was able to photograph were a Downy Woodpecker and a Hairy Woodpecker.

These 2 woodpeckers are sometimes difficult to tell apart but the Downy is smaller and has a shorter beak than the Hairy. The red on the Downy’s head indicates that this is a male and the Hairy without the red on the head indicates that this is a female. The size difference is not as much as what these 2 photos indicates – just that the Hairy was closer and zoomed in a bit more. I had to crop the Downy Woodpecker’s photo quite a bit.

Of course, I did take plenty of views along the creek.

A couple of squirrels were my other sightings as I made my return trip back to the car.

I still have not found any Cardinals while walking there, but at least it is a nice place to walk. I’ll be back and one day I will find and photograph one.

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