May 29 – Talamati

I heard Lions roaring early this morning, but no sign or noise from them once I was on my way. The sun made a pretty decent attempt at making a nice sunrise this morning. Before I actually saw any critters, I met a couple of Rangers and their dog walking along the road. I stopped… Continue reading May 29 – Talamati

From my Window

Last night, I noticed that the condos next door have Christmas lights on their trees  – so I took a picture.  I have to work on night pictures obviously, but here it is. This morning, I was looking at the dark clouds (our break from winter will soon be over), so I took cloud pictures.… Continue reading From my Window

The Sky

Since Chester and I had our walk before dawn yesterday, I didn’t think I would have any pictures to show today – but I was wrong.  🙂 After work and after going out for supper, I looked up at the sky when I returned home and it was beautiful.  Its too bad I couldn’t have… Continue reading The Sky