A Walk in Bird’s Hill Park

Another day with reasonable temperatures, so I decided to drive to Bird’s Hill Provincial Park to go for a walk. Usually, I go in the morning, but I had a couple of errands to do – and then headed out in the afternoon.

I decided to stop at Prairie Winds trail for my walk today, so I pulled into the parking lot and headed in. Before I actually got to the trail though, I found 4 White-tailed Deer ahead.

After snapping these photos, I got onto the trail and started walking. I took some general view photos along the way (of course).

Although I heard several Chickadees, I was unable to attract any for some seed. Since this is my first afternoon walk out there, I am not sure if they are just more hungry in the mornings when I usually walk or if there was another reason they didn’t come.

At least a couple of the White-tailed Deer were still near the entrance when I finished my walk.

Unfortunately they didn’t stay for more photos though.

I head back out there again soon and probably in the morning.