I Survived the Extreme Cold Temperatures

We are just emerging from some extreme cold warning weather, that had temperatures in the -40C range with wind chill temperatures in the -50C range. I haven’t been outside much until I headed out this morning for a walk at Bunn’s Creek. I am still determined to find a Cardinal and/or the Owl that hangs around there. The temperature was -18C with the windchill of -28C and it is warming up a bit each day (they say) for a couple of weeks.

Luckily, I had a couple of birds visit a tree just outside my window while I stayed indoors to avoid frost-bite.

The next morning a White-breasted Nuthatch perched on a difference branch outside my window for me.

This morning I was back at Bunn’s Creek for a nice walk. Everyone walking is friendly and a lot of “good mornings” were exchanged. I always talk to the dogs out walking also and as usual, each dog was excited to be included and get a quick pet as we passed.

I managed to snap photos of a couple of Chickadees, a couple of snowy views along the way and ending with a crime scene.

It felt good to be out walking again.

I have been back at the zoo to volunteer. It is not the same as it was before the COVID shutdowns, and hopefully things will get back to normal again before too long. I’m sure it will be a new normal though.