A Chilly Walk at Bunn’s Creek

It seems that the Cardinals and the Owl get advance notice when I’m heading for Bunn’s Creek – because as usual – they were nowhere to be seen.

The temperature was a balmy -19C with a windchill feeling like -30C, so I bundled up and headed for my walk under the bright blue sky with beautiful sun dogs. For those of you who do not get chilly days like this – a sun dog is the sun with 2 crescent shaped rainbows on each side of it. This only shows up on very cold days.

I only took one photo of the right side of the sun dog.

The very bright sun is behind the tree on the left. It makes a beautiful photo with the sun and both sun dogs showing but the colours usually show up better without the sun.

I walked for awhile and found some Chickadees and a Nuthatch willing to pose for some photos.

As usual, a lot of the people walking while I was there, were walking their dogs. Also, as usual, everyone says hello and I would respond and then talk to the dogs. Most of the dogs would come over to say hi, so I had a few dogs with wagging tails to pet.

Of course, I also managed a few photos of beautiful views along Bunn’s Creek – starting with the skating rink and toboggan slide.