Hanging Out with the Boys

You met these cats a few weeks ago when I spent time with them in their home and I am back with them again – but that will end tomorrow. I have been taking a few photos (of course).

For the last 2 photos, Rodney had been lying beside me when I opened the aquarium channel on TV. He was immediately interested in the bubble sounds and then by the fish swimming by. That is when he moved to the arm of the couch, so he could get closer to the TV.

Dave & Spencer have both started to warm up to me. Dave even had a very quiet purr for me yesterday and Spencer has voluntarily come to me to be pet (& not at feeding time)

Luckily I live very close to where the cats live. Since getting a newer car at the end of October, I have been having problems getting it to start when it is cold. December & January are typically very cold months here and although I had the car plugged in, I couldn’t get it started. So, I have been walking back to my apartment and then back to the cats each day. I have to look after my fish and get the mail at home and the cats typically sleep most of the day. After getting my car boosted by CAA (again) yesterday, I asked if he had a way to determine if there actually was a working block heater. The CAA guy had a tester and it showed that although the cord to the block heater cord was good, there was no sign of life in the block heater. So, I have an appointment to get it fixed on Thursday. I asked if there was a charge to fix something that should have been working when I bought it, but she didn’t have an answer for me. I’m sure I will have an update on that soon.

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