A Sunny Cold Morning Walk at Fort Whyte Alive

It has been about a month and a half since I’ve been to Fort Whyte Alive. Although it was a chilly morning with a temperature of -28C and a windchill in the -30’s I decided it was time to head over there. I didn’t stay long though. I only walked the smaller side where the marshes with floating docks were, By then my hands were pretty cold as I had brought the wrong pair of gloves – although the warmer gloves would have had to be removed to snap photos – so maybe I had the right pair – LOL. The floating docks aren’t floating now either as the water is very frozen.

I passed this tree with a pretty little Redpoll perched. There were more of them, but only one willing to pose for a photo – or maybe just didn’t want to use energy to move.

The Redpoll was very close to the hill that I always climb for a view and on the way down the hill, 2 more (or maybe the same 2) White-tailed Deer met me.

I decided that my hands were too cold to continue the walk, so I headed back to my car to warm up & drive home. I drove through Assiniboine Park on my way home, so tomorrow I have a few photos to show you from that stop.