A Drive Through Assiniboine Park

The Assiniboine Park Zoo is currently closed for a few days so they can do some maintenance and deep cleaning of areas that they must do when the public is not around. They always accomplish a lot during these 5 days, but I probably would have walked around the zoo instead of just driving through the park if it had been open. There are a few buildings where you can stop to warm up along the way.

The beautiful White-tailed Deer were the only critters I saw on this drive. It is obvious that someone is feeding them because they were eating close to the road and the snow has covered the grass. I did see a couple of people at another spot with 2 large bags of what looked like seed bags that they were putting out and several deer were heading in their direction.

My camera died after a couple of shots, so the last photos were taken with my phone.

I had thought of going to the English Gardens while I was there, but it was very cold, so I decided to head for home after seeing these critters.

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