A Drive Through Assiniboine Park

The Assiniboine Park Zoo is currently closed for a few days so they can do some maintenance and deep cleaning of areas that they must do when the public is not around. They always accomplish a lot during these 5 days, but I probably would have walked around the zoo instead of just driving through… Continue reading A Drive Through Assiniboine Park

A Morning Walk at St. Vital Park

I had an errand to do in the St. Vital area, so decided to take my camera and head for St. Vital Park for a walk. It was a beautiful morning. Although I walked around the entire park, most of my photos were taken at the pond. It is a really nice pond that has… Continue reading A Morning Walk at St. Vital Park

Fort Whyte Alive Walk

I didn’t really go to Fort Whyte prepared this morning (meaning I did not have my good camera with me), but I went anyway.  I always have my phone and my little pocket Nikon and I was out already after having my regular Saturday morning breakfast at the Red Top and a visit with my… Continue reading Fort Whyte Alive Walk

Putting New Camera to the Test

So cameras appear to be my new addiction – although this is directly related to my critter addiction.  My other addictions (if you didn’t know) are chocolate, popcorn and Africam. The new camera is a Sony Cyber-shot DSC HX300 and it had 50x optical zoom.  Now I have to get back to Africa to really… Continue reading Putting New Camera to the Test

Home For a Day

Every once in awhile I have to get back to reality and present day life.  I seem to age 30 some years every time I do this though.  🙂 I had my annual exam with my new doctor on Thursday.  He had told me to fast before the appointment – so I did, and after… Continue reading Home For a Day

Sony NEX-5N Zoom

I normally use full zoom when I’m taking pictures unless the subject is close to me, but this afternoon I decided to zoom that tree of mine at each setting just to see what it shows as I progressively move it to full zoom.  This is using the 55mm – 210mm zoom lens. All the… Continue reading Sony NEX-5N Zoom

Jewel and More

Yesterday when I returned home from work, I found Jewel tangled up in one of her toys.  It is a toy that has been in her cage for ages and I’ve never seen her play with it other than a quick tap at one of the bells.  I was surprised to see her on it… Continue reading Jewel and More

I Got My New Zoom Lens

The lens I have been checking out and decided to buy was not supposed to be available until the 17th of October, but I guess the Sony stores got them before they started shipping to anyone else.  I had taken my Mom to her bank and while waiting for her I decided to go over… Continue reading I Got My New Zoom Lens

A Walk with Just One Camera

I left the Sony at home today – will be taking it back on the weekend.  Haven’t decided yet if I’ll see if they can fix it or if I’ll just return it.  I’ll talk to them before I decide. So, it was just Chester and me with the Olympus camera.  There wasn’t much to… Continue reading A Walk with Just One Camera

Last Day for the Sony

I emailed my IT camera guy at work yesterday and explained the problem with the Sony in the sunlight.  His reply is that he has never had that problem and that he has sometimes even had the sun IN the picture and not just standing in the sun and the pictures have come out wonderful. … Continue reading Last Day for the Sony