Fort Whyte Alive Walk

I didn’t really go to Fort Whyte prepared this morning (meaning I did not have my good camera with me), but I went anyway.  I always have my phone and my little pocket Nikon and I was out already after having my regular Saturday morning breakfast at the Red Top and a visit with my… Continue reading Fort Whyte Alive Walk

Putting New Camera to the Test

So cameras appear to be my new addiction – although this is directly related to my critter addiction.  My other addictions (if you didn’t know) are chocolate, popcorn and Africam. The new camera is a Sony Cyber-shot DSC HX300 and it had 50x optical zoom.  Now I have to get back to Africa to really… Continue reading Putting New Camera to the Test

Home For a Day

Every once in awhile I have to get back to reality and present day life.  I seem to age 30 some years every time I do this though.  🙂 I had my annual exam with my new doctor on Thursday.  He had told me to fast before the appointment – so I did, and after… Continue reading Home For a Day

Sony NEX-5N Zoom

I normally use full zoom when I’m taking pictures unless the subject is close to me, but this afternoon I decided to zoom that tree of mine at each setting just to see what it shows as I progressively move it to full zoom.  This is using the 55mm – 210mm zoom lens. All the… Continue reading Sony NEX-5N Zoom

Jewel and More

Yesterday when I returned home from work, I found Jewel tangled up in one of her toys.  It is a toy that has been in her cage for ages and I’ve never seen her play with it other than a quick tap at one of the bells.  I was surprised to see her on it… Continue reading Jewel and More

I Got My New Zoom Lens

The lens I have been checking out and decided to buy was not supposed to be available until the 17th of October, but I guess the Sony stores got them before they started shipping to anyone else.  I had taken my Mom to her bank and while waiting for her I decided to go over… Continue reading I Got My New Zoom Lens

A Walk with Just One Camera

I left the Sony at home today – will be taking it back on the weekend.  Haven’t decided yet if I’ll see if they can fix it or if I’ll just return it.  I’ll talk to them before I decide. So, it was just Chester and me with the Olympus camera.  There wasn’t much to… Continue reading A Walk with Just One Camera