A Morning Walk at St. Vital Park

I had an errand to do in the St. Vital area, so decided to take my camera and head for St. Vital Park for a walk. It was a beautiful morning.

Although I walked around the entire park, most of my photos were taken at the pond. It is a really nice pond that has a couple of islands in the middle, so the birds can get away from people if they want. In the winter, it is a skating rink.

It has been awhile since I have seen Wood Ducks – they are so beautiful.

On my walk around the park, I finally found a Chickadee willing to pose for a photo – along with a Red Squirrel and a Robin. Of course, I thanked each one for allowing a photo.

I ended up at the pond again and managed a few more photos – but I’ll post them tomorrow. 🙂