Weekend Trip to Dallas

My virtual trip to find warmth in the middle of the winter continues.

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I almost got lost leaving Kansas City.  I thought I-29 went all the way, but it seems to end here and I am now on I-49 and still heading south.  I only have about 7 more hours of driving and we will be in Texas.  🙂

Chester is still sleeping most of the time, so he is going to be raring to go once we get there.  I sure hope I don’t sleep the whole time we are there.

At 8:00 Friday we reached Joplin, Missouri and had a change of interstate highways again.  Guess I should have looked at the maps more closely before leaving because I was sure it was I-29 all the way there.  Now we have switched over to I-44.  Good thing I have my gps with me.  It is 2C or 35F here, but some ice pellets are coming down.  I was impressed with the…

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Trip to Dallas

  1. Nice, I’ve been on the same highway going to explore Springfield, Missouri. Where is that Welcome to Dallas sign located? I live in D-Town and have never seen that before.

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    1. Hi Eric – thanks for the like and the comment. In case you didn’t get to the last post on this trip, I will let you know here that this was a virtual trip. It is too long a drive to go and return in a weekend. All the photos were found online.

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