Happy New Year

We are ending 2017 with the coldest temperatures that we have seen in many, many years and starting 2018 with the same very cold temperatures.  With the windchill (and luckily there isn’t much wind) we are around -40C and if you have temperatures in Fahrenheit it is still -40F. For a couple of days in… Continue reading Happy New Year

It’s Still Here

Of course, I am referring to winter – will it ever go away.  With the amount of snow we have here, I’m sure it will be August before it all melts this year.  😦 We had a couple of days of melting last week – it seems just so that the sculptures for the Festival… Continue reading It’s Still Here

23 Hours in Dallas

I don’t have a lot of time to spend in Dallas, so didn’t waste any time in jumping right in.  My friend Donna gave me some tips on places to see and I was going to spend my time seeing them. After spending 20 hours in the car driving, both Chester and I needed to… Continue reading 23 Hours in Dallas

Weekend Trip to Dallas

I almost got lost leaving Kansas City.  I thought I-29 went all the way, but it seems to end here and I am now on I-49 and still heading south.  I only have about 7 more hours of driving and we will be in Texas.  🙂 Chester is still sleeping most of the time, so… Continue reading Weekend Trip to Dallas

Weekend Trip – On The Road

As mentioned last week – I am on my way to Texas for the weekend.  I finished work at 5:00 pm yesterday and Chester and I were on our way immediately.  I am looking for some warm weather and I’m going to find it. At 7:00 pm, we were at the Canada/US border.  We had… Continue reading Weekend Trip – On The Road