In Reality

The explanation about my virtual trip to Dallas in 2014 – and what I was really doing.

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In case you didn’t catch the words ‘virtual trip’ in my trip to Dallas – this is a confession that I did not leave Winnipeg and stayed in the frigid temperatures with way too much snow.  Chester and I had our walks in -20’s C temperatures with the ‘feels like’ temperatures in the -30’sC.  Normal stuff.

In reality, I went home after work on Thursday as usual and spent my evening on Africam and facebook – pretending to be driving south.

My daughter’s car wouldn’t start Friday morning and I drove her to work, came home and waited for CAA to come and check the battery.  They checked it, said it was dead and replaced it.  What a great service!  I got to wait inside while most of the work was being done, then I paid the reasonable price and all is good.  🙂

After CAA, I went shopping for…

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