Fort Whyte Alive on a Sunny, but Chilly Morning

We have had a very cold autumn this year, but the Canada Geese are still hanging around until the last minute for their migration south.  This morning it was -6C, but very sunny and they were forecasting a high of +6C.  Of course, I was back home again before that temperature was reached – but they were right.  This was the warmest day in awhile.

I went to Fort Whyte Alive to see the Canada Geese before their migration, along with any other birds that would currently still be in the area.  There were thousands of Geese and Gulls, and I found a few other birds too.


Fall display outside the entrance and the beautiful leafy paths through the woods.


Canada Geese everywhere!


Some smaller birds – ID is on each photo.


Lots of Gulls!


Trees and the sky!


A few more flying Canada Geese


Prairie Dogs in the Prairie Dog Town in front of Fort Whyte Alive, along with a Canada Goose who rested with the Prairie Dogs.

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