Assiniboine Park Zoo Visit

I am at the Assiniboine Park Zoo a lot since I have been volunteering there for the last year and a half, but my picture taking while volunteering is limited to my cell phone.  Yesterday I had some time to go there – not as a volunteer, but as a member with my camera.  It was a cool, but sunny day.

Alaska, the Arctic Fox was first on my list.  She is beautiful! Her coat is starting to grow into her white winter coat.

DSCN1690 (800x600)

The Wolves were next, but they were sleeping.  I managed one picture each for 2 of them who had their heads up and their eyes open a bit.

DSCN1693 (800x599)

DSCN1698 (800x598)

The elusive Lynx was out and about and even stopped moving for an instant for me to get a picture.

DSCN1702 (773x800)

The Reindeer was resting up as if he has a big job ahead of him.

DSCN1710 (600x800)

Next were a couple of Snowy Owls.

DSCN1714 (800x589) (2)

DSCN1713 (800x751)

A couple of Polar Bears were swimming in the tunnel area and it is always an amazing experience to be in there when they are having fun.

The Polar Bear experience continued in the viewing areas outside, where more of them can usually be found.

The Snow Leopards were next.  There are 2 cubs – Kaash & Arka (5.5 months old) along with their parents Akar & Batu.

The Steller’s Sea Eagle was next and he (or she) surprised me by flying towards me just as I was taking the picture.  I wasn’t able to hide the bars of the enclosure, but still like this picture anyway.  And then there was a nice pose.

DSCN1747 (800x518) (2)

DSCN1749 (800x723)

The magnificent Tigers were next.  Vulga was actively moving around, but Sam was sound asleep.

The Sichuan Takins were awake and moving around and something sure had their attention.  A male Takin has been obtained and it looks like introduction day (with a fence in between for now).

I stopped to watch and take some pictures of the Kangaroos.

I took quite a few pictures in Toucan Ridge, but even though I was in there for awhile, the lens never did completely clear of fog – so the only picture I like (even with some fog) is of this beautiful Sun Conure.

DSCN1860 (800x795)

Back at the entrance/exit to the zoo, are the Bison and the Bald Eagles.

This was a nice way to spend the morning.  Hope you enjoyed it.


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