Re-visit to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Last year I bought an annual membership to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights here in Winnipeg. I went 3 or 4 times and I wrote a few articles here about it, but then I got busy and didn’t go back. There is so much to see that several visits are necessary to absorb all the information.

The notices that I received in the last couple of weeks letting me know that my membership was about to expire reminded me to take a couple of hours to visit again.

I had previously taken many photos, so today I didn’t spend much time taking any more – just absorbing all the information there is contained in this building.

View from the 8th floor – pedestrian bridge with a restaurant in the middle and the traffic bridge over to St. Boniface area. The Red River is partially iced up here.
View from the 4th floor, looking up to the staircase circling the elevator from the 6th floor up to the 8th floor.

I might take one more trip back to the museum before my membership expires at the end of the month. After leaving today I remembered that I had thought of sitting to watch all the videos this trip – but I only watched one of them.

I did stop and read more of the information presented at the exhibits – there is just so much to absorb and so many human rights that are still being violated.

As always, I wandered through the gift shop, but unlike the rest of the times, I bought something for myself. This came in different sizes, but I got the smallest one just because it is so beautiful.

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