Fort Whyte Alive – Oct 20/19

I spent the morning wandering around at Fort Whyte Alive and took a few photos. As usual, you can click on one and scroll through them at a larger size to see them better.

Dedicated to my brother-in-law, John Panting (Oct 20/41 – May 9/19)

John and my sister Sharon were married for 51 years and although John’s health was not the best, his death in May was very sudden and unexpected.

Facebook, as many of you know, sends a pop-up to your page when your friends have a birthday and that was how my day started. The pop-up of John’s first birthday since his death made me want to head into nature. Nature is always my go-to place to take photos and surround myself in peace. John loved photography and took many wonderful photos himself.

Rest in peace John – you are missed.

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