Dog Dash

I get to stay with Toby, Bowser and Mocha for a few days. These guys can keep me busy!

Because Bowser is young and has endless energy, their family has booked a couple of visits with Dog Dash. I had never heard of this company, but now found out that they just started up here in Winnipeg in November, 2020.

They arrive at your home with a van equipped with dog treadmills. They have 3 different sizes for different sized dogs. The van has air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter, so the dogs get to walk or run in ideal temperatures no matter what the outdoor weather is.

Bowser is a COVID rescue dog – so he has not had a chance to be well socialized with people, other than his family. He is very nervous of someone or something different – like a dog treadmill. He had one previous try at the treadmill a couple of days ago, but was very afraid and he needed the comfort of Toby with him. Toby is well socialized and calmed Bowser down, but he didn’t actually do much walking on his first attempt.

Today was his 2nd experience with this new thing in his life and Tito (the man who arrived in the van) suggested that Toby come inside with him again – so Toby and I both went in to see how he did. I asked Tito if I could take photos and he said that wouldn’t be a problem.

The treadmills are operated by dog power and don’t move unless the dog takes a step. Tito had to move it to get Bowser moving, but this time he managed to move it himself as well. He crawled at the beginning this time, but also also spent time upright and walking. It is scary to have the ground moving under you, so I can understand how this could frighten a dog, especially a dog who hasn’t had much of a chance to be socialized (outside of his own family).

Tito said that Bowser did much better this time than the first time, so I am looking forward to another visit in a couple of days.

Here are today’s photos:

Right now, Bowser is sound asleep on the bed.

This was great. I am glad he made progress today. It may be too much to hope that next time he will actually run – but maybe. Even if he just walks more – moving the treadmill more on his own would be improvement.

Tito is great at reassuring a nervous dog and I’m sure that is why Bowser did so much better this time. I’ll let you know how he does on his next appointment.

I told Tito not to bring soft toys on his next visit, since Toby destroyed the ones he had in the van, but having Toby there was a good distraction for the nervous Bowser.

And here is Bowser – the star of the day! I couldn’t decide which photo I liked best of him – so you get 2.

This is not advertising – just a review of what went on here this morning. There is a link to the business above if you are interested though.

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