A Few Days

I’ll start with a follow-up of Bowser’s 3rd try at Dog Dash. He did much better than the times before. He was still very stressed about the whole thing, but he was walking on the treadmill for most of the time. I could have booked another visit, but decided to just see how he did by spending more time running in the yard. He does enjoy running and that kept him fairly calm for the rest of my visit with the dog/cat crew. I do think it is a great business for year round activity with our very hot summers and very cold winters. Toby was happy no matter what we did as long as he got hugs and lots of petting and as long as his food was prepared & ready at a regular time. Anyway, I returned to my apartment last night and the family returned to their home after their vacation.

While I was hanging out with the dogs & cat, I also returned to my apartment daily to water my balcony plants. It has been very warm and pots dry out quickly in this weather.

Can’t forget Toby, Bowser and Mocha.

As you could tell by the thermometer, it is a very warm day, so after my morning trip to Assiniboine Park, I returned home to my air conditioned suite. It is going to be just as hot the next few days.