A Few Days

I’ll start with a follow-up of Bowser’s 3rd try at Dog Dash. He did much better than the times before. He was still very stressed about the whole thing, but he was walking on the treadmill for most of the time. I could have booked another visit, but decided to just see how he did… Continue reading A Few Days

On My Balcony

First thing this morning, I made a cup of coffee and then sat out on my balcony to drink it. Of course, I had my camera with me, just in case any critters showed themselves. The one Petunia planter could use another plant or 2, so I decided to head over to the Superstore gardening… Continue reading On My Balcony


So far my flowers are still hanging in.  The temperature has been dipping to 0C and I doubt if they are still growing, but they haven’t given up flowering yet.  The cover of leaves they have may be protecting them somewhat.  I think being against the house also helps. Most of our summer birds have… Continue reading Flowers

Sunrise and Flowers and Nuts

Sunrise, flowers and nuts are pretty self-explanatory except to clarify that the flowers are Impatience and Clematis and the nuts are the acorns that were in a Squirrel’s nest that fell out of the tree.  I guess the busy little squirrel thought that he could make a huge pile of acorns that would be contained… Continue reading Sunrise and Flowers and Nuts


I took pictures of some of the flowers in the front of the house yesterday.  They’re looking pretty good this year.  Bad news is that I pulled all my Lilies out.  They were being eaten and there was no indication that they would ever flower again.  I see healthy looking lilies in other yards, so… Continue reading Flowers


When Chester and I took our walk this morning, I noticed several Lilies blooming in some yards.  My Lilies don’t even have buds yet, so I am wondering if the Red Lily Bugs did more damage than I at first though.  Maybe since they were decimated last year, it will take a year or 2… Continue reading Lilies


An era has come to an end at my home.  Nothing too serious – I am just cancelling my home phone.  In a little under 2 hours, Shaw will open and I will be there with both my TV boxes and my home phone booster.  If you have my home phone number, you can throw… Continue reading Changes

Assiniboine Park Zoo – Australian Walkabout

One of the new exhibits at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg here is called the Australian Walkabout.  At this exhibit, people are allowed in with the Kangaroos and Emus.  There is a list of rules that you see when you walk inside, but I noticed that no one stopped to read them, except me. … Continue reading Assiniboine Park Zoo – Australian Walkabout

Marigold vs Red Lily Bug – Day 1

Yesterday I killed all the Red Lily bugs I could find and planted Marigolds beside the Lilies.  Last year I would have found another dozen bugs on the Lilies by the next morning, but this morning there were none to be found.  It is too early to claim a victory – but it is certainly… Continue reading Marigold vs Red Lily Bug – Day 1

Red Lily Bug Strikes Again

Last year I reported my battle here with the Red Lily bugs on my Lilies.  I had never seen them before last year and I have had these Lilies planted in this spot for over 30 years.  I was out there killing the bugs daily until after they finished flowering, but the flowers were much… Continue reading Red Lily Bug Strikes Again