On My Balcony

First thing this morning, I made a cup of coffee and then sat out on my balcony to drink it. Of course, I had my camera with me, just in case any critters showed themselves.

The one Petunia planter could use another plant or 2, so I decided to head over to the Superstore gardening centre and see if I could find anything left. Although, a lot of their shelves are empty, they still did have quite a bit left. I picked up another container of Petunias and then I grabbed a gorgeous Sunflower plant along with a couple of bags of potting soil.

This new Sunflower sure put my sunflowers from seed to shame. But, I didn’t really plant those sunflowers. I swept my balcony floor one day and deposited what I swept up in one of my planters (which had nothing planted at the time). When they started growing and I wanted to plant my Impatience in there, I moved a bunch of the seedlings into their own pot. This morning I thinned them out so that just the sturdiest were left.

I don’t get a lot of sun on my balcony, so I hope they will be fine out there. Actually, just as I was getting ready to post this, I noticed that the sun has now reached my new sunflowers, so I grabbed a couple more photos.

The Petunias I picked up this morning were red so the one container that just hasn’t started to fill in, got 3 of the red ones to give some contrast. I put one in one other one that was doing fine, but I thought the contrast might be nice for it also. The last 2 went in with the Impatience in one container that had bare spots, but since these ones did not have any flowers on it, I didn’t bother with a photo.

Just one photo of the Petunia planter that had the 3 added.

It is so nice to finally have a balcony for my summer flowers!

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