Assiniboine Park after a Temperature Drop

Luckily we did not get the extreme & dangerously high temperatures that the west coast of Canada had a few days ago, but we had temperatures in the high 30C range – up to 38C. Parts of British Columbia were in the high 40C range almost 50C. Currently a large number of wildfires are burning in B.C. since the extreme heat made things extra dry and susceptible to fire.

Meanwhile, in Manitoba, our temperature dropped and it is currently 14C here – so almost jacket weather. I headed over to Assiniboine Park with my camera to see what I could find.

I was walking on a winding path through some bush in the park heading back to my car. As I rounded a bend I saw another Coopers Hawk on a branch that was about 2 feet above my head and only about 5 feet away from me. I wasn’t expecting this, but grabbed my camera to try and get a much closer photo than the ones above. Unfortunately, the hawk immediately flew away before I even turned the camera on. I am thinking that this branch is likely a great hunting spot. He can see bunnies or squirrels crossing or even just using the path.